For the Movie Set or Your bookcase
  • Special Forces Skull

    $349.95 $287.00

    The following patches are carved into the skull:


    Special Forces Crest

    US Special Operations Command

    Airborne Special Forces Unit Patch

    Special Operations Diver

    SF logo right side:

    What Nous Defions really means: Most people incorrectly interpreted as ‘We Defy’ but in actuality it means ‘We Dare’ as a response to the British SAS ‘Who Dares Wins’


    Because the US Postal Service has become more and more unpredictable (two International shipments and 1 local shipment "disappeared") we will be switching to UPS for the Continental US shipments and DHL or FedEx for international shipments. You will notice a slight increase is shipping prices because of this but I refuse to lose more pieces of art to theft or damage only to have their "investigation" come up as "inconclusive".