Replica & Real Skull Props by Zane Wylie For the Movie Set or Your bookcase
  • Skull Bowl - Female - Food Safe - Skull chalice

    $127.00 $127.00

    FINALLY we can start drinking from the skulls of our enemies... sort of.

    This is a replica of a real FEMALE human skull cast in pure resin. The INSIDE of the bowl is also coated with a food safe resin coating tested with liquid up to 205 degrees Fahrenheit . Each piece is hand painted.

    This item is not microwave safe, dish washer safe or a pet chew toy.

    If this item sells out you will be updated with the date of availability and given the option of a refund if you choose.

    PLEASE post videos of you drinking from the skull or your pets using it. I plan on making a video advertise it and would love to include your videos.