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  • Russian Sea Captain Skull

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    Museum Quality HEAVY cast Resin reproduction of
    a REAL HUMAN SKULL that I carved.
     Signed by the artist


    This skull honors the bitter hard life of Russian Sea captains. Vadim Konyashev grew up on the bow of his father’s ship where he learned the payment for hard work was being able to take I another breath of the salty Laptev sea.


    The sea can drive a man mad and fighting off mutiny, starvation and the bone biting East Siberian Sea winds either cold forge you into a man of iron or they slice you up like chum and throw you out the stern (the back of the ship for you “land lubbers”).


    As Vadim reached down and took the bottle of vodka from his fathers dead and frozen three fingered hand, he realized he was raised this way by a cruel ungiving tyrant, so that he, Vadim would some day be strong enough to lead his own mutiny and become the captain.


    His father’s blood, now starting to freeze to the outside of the bottle glistened as Vadim held it high and drank it empty. The crew’s cheers were cut short as the empty bottle shattered against the forehead of a crew member.


    Следующий человек, который думает празднования является более важным, что работа съедает это стекло! 


    Next man who thinks celebrating is more important that working eats this glass! 

    Museum Quality HEAVY cast Resin reproduction
    Signed by the artist


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