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  • Mermaid Queen Skull *LIMITED TIME* - **RETIRED**

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    Museum Quality HEAVY cast Resin reproduction of
    a REAL HUMAN SKULL that I carved.
     Signed by the artist

    Coloring adapted to match the natural minerals of the sea that would color a skull submerged in it's depths.


    Mermaid Queen


    This heavy resin cast museum quality replica of a real human skull that was carved honors the Gallic woman Ban Righ of the Water (or Queen of the Water).


    During the great Gallic Wars the Queen mourned the loss of her husband the warrior king, and stayed watch over the seas until he would come from the mists to take her home with him.


    It was not known if her King did ever come for her but one of the villagers said he saw her dissolve into the mists almost as if she had become them.


    To this day stories are told of how Roman ships were torn to pieces from the outside in by some creature that swam faster than any fish and would eviscerate any Roman man that fell into the water.

    Museum Quality HEAVY cast Resin reproduction
    Signed by the artist


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