For the Movie Set or Your bookcase

All real human material ships out of Pennsylvania. We do not ship real human material to New York, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee and Virginia. Internationally we will not ship to Australia, China or India. If you have skulls there you want carved I can come to your location and carve for an extra commission fee.

1) How do you get your skulls?! I buy old medical skulls, carved them and make replicas of them.

2) Do you have a brick and mortar store where we can see your work?

Currently not at this time.

3) Is it legal to own human skulls & human remains? (you can also search here by your state with the term "human remains" and see for yourself.)

Every person is held responsible to know the laws of the land they live in. With that being said (I am not a lawyer) It is perfectly legal possess and to sell Human Bones in the United States. One of the main sources of confusion on this issue is that prior to 1987, the majority of human bones for sale here and in other countries were prepared in India. In 1987, India stopped its exportation of human bones. Many US news sources phrased it as a ban on the sale of human bones rather than as a ban on exportation from one particular country with no effect on United States laws. 

Once India stopped exporting human bones China took over as the main supplier of human bones to the United States. However, just prior to the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing China too stopped exporting human material. No other country has yet stepped up and material is much more scarce than it once was, but a decent number of bones from India and China still remain in the United States and may be freely sold.

A secondary source of confusion are the myriad of laws relating to archaeological resources. Certain material, such as those from Native Americans covered under the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (, are illegal to buy or sell and in some cases possess. However,these laws do not apply to most modern human bones from non-Native populations.

In short, there is no law at the U.S. Federal level prohibiting you from having a human bone in your possession. The fact that some people believe there is or believe there should be such a law is irrelevant. 

This is not to say that such laws do not exist in other countries, or at the local level. For example, four US states, New York, Georgia, Tennessee and Louisiana all have independent State Laws prohibiting the import or export of human remains across their state lines. While we work hard to remain current, laws are passed worldwide faster that the human mind can track or comprehend, so you must be responsible to know your local laws before ordering.

4) Can I will you my skull to carve?

Yes you can. There is a $950.00 non-refundable deposit. Other charges and procedures are involved in order for this process to be completed. Please contact me for further discussion. 

5) Do you take commissions?

Yes... with certain caveats. I don't carve anything that would deem satanic, vulgar or inappropriate. I realize some of those terms seem vague so contact me and tell me what you have in mind. 

There is a $1000.00 deposit and $1,500.00 to $4,500.00 after the piece is complete depending on the time needed and skull purchased for the work. once the quote is give the price stays the same no matter if it takes more hours to carve than expected. The only time the price will go up is if more detail is added. 

6) Where do you get real human skulls?

I purchase from and other businesses that sell to medical schools.

7) Have you ever had any paranormal experiences?

No. If they are there they leave me alone. Sorry I wish I had something interesting to say but that's it.