• Phrenology Skull Replica

    $349.95 $249.95

    Museum Quality HEAVY cast Resin reproduction of

    a REAL HUMAN SKULL that I carved.

     Signed by the artist


    This is a very unique Phrenology collectors piece modeled after Fowler's work. The listing is for the skull replica only.

    The skull comes with an educational pamphlet that will hope you discover the behavioral categories listed on the surface of the skull and well as a history of Phrenology.

    Museum Quality HEAVY cast Resin reproduction


    Signed by the artist


    Because the US Postal Service has become more and more unpredictable (two International shipments and 1 local shipment "disappeared") we will be switching to UPS for the Continental US shipments and DHL or Fedex for international shipments. You will notice a slight increase is shipping prices because of this but I refuse to lose more pieces of art to theft or damage only to have their "investigation" come up as "inconclusive".