We do not ship to New York, Georgia, Louisiana and Tennessee. Internationally we will not ship to Australia, China or India. If you have skulls there you want carved I can come to your location and carve for an extra commission fee

From time to time I'm asked if I will take installments on a piece. In the past I've said no but I would like everyone to have the opportunity to own one of my carved skulls so I've created the option below:

Rules for Installments:

All deposits are non refundable. Once payments are made the money is spent on, equipment, more skulls, plane tickets, other travel expenses associated with archeological excavations and other associated expenses.

Once the initial deposit is made recurring payments (tied to a credit card) are initiated. If 3 months worth of payments are missed the piece goes up for resale. If someone else is willing to take over the payments just let me know and I will make the switch for the remaining amount.

To get on the installment plan contact us through the contact page.

Deposit and installment amounts listed below:

1) Real Human Skull:

Initial Deposit: $1,000.00 plus 10 installments at an additional 7%

Example: Sale Price: $5,900.00 - $1,000 (initial deposit) = 4,900.00 - 9 Installments at 7% = $490.00

2) Replica skull

Initial: $100.00 plus 3 installments at an additional 7%

Example: Sale Price $249.95 - $100.00 (initial Deposit) = 149.95 - 3 Installments at 7& = $53.48

3) T-Shirts

Initial: Just Kidding

Every piece on the installment plan remains at the gallery until completely paid off.