All real human material ships out of Pennsylvania. We do not ship real human material to New York, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee and Virginia. Internationally we will not ship to Australia, China or India. If you have skulls there you want carved I can come to your location and carve for an extra commission fee.

Real Human Skull Contest!!
From 01/04/2017 to 02/28/2017


This is a skull I carved years ago and put through the mold process to make replicas but wound up never selling them. The light blue bits are pieces of the latex that was used as part of the process.

1)    *IMPORTANT* Post the links below on Monday and Friday on your Facebook and/or Instagram account for extra chances to win (TAG ME).

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3)    You have to post your picture on facebook with the skull when you get it.

4)    Winner gives permission for me to repost the picture on my site and social media.

5)    I cannot ship to New York, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, India & China.
SIMPLIFIED post your favorite links for replicas, real ones or this page on face book (IMPORTANT - if you’re on FB make sure I’m tagged so I can keep track of your chances):