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  • SOLD - Jacques De Molay Human Tribute - Real Human Skull Carved By Zane Wylie

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    This is a real human skull carved by Zane Wylie. 

     This piece features and ACTUAL PIECE of Templar Currency from the 1100s AD

    Signed by Zane Wylie


    “Jacques De Molay Tribute Skull"


    This piece was created to honor family lineage that aided the Templar Knights and hid treasures for them.


    The piece has very detailed carvings that contain modern and ancient Templar symbolism as well as Masonic imagery.


    Hand carved and painted

    Also featured in this piece are two quotes from the grandmaster, the grandmasters coat of arms, the Templar Sigil and a depiction of Jacques De Molay.


    Because the US Postal Service has become more and more unpredictable (two International shipments and 1 local shipment "disappeared") we will be switching to UPS for the Continental US shipments and DHL for international shipments. You will notice a slight increase is shipping prices because of this but I refuse to lose more pieces of art to theft or damage only to have their "investigation" come up as "inconclusive".