Viking Berserker Skull
Retail: $597.00 
NOW $497.00
Replica of a real human skull carved in the spirit of a  Berserker Viking.

Real bear Canines and viking relics were used in making the original.

The original skull itself is over 120 years old. 

Arrives fully Assembled
24 pieces
Carving time: 120 Hours+
Hand painted
This piece takes 2 weeks to mold  and 3 days to paint, seal and assemble.

This striking piece is sure to be an attention getter whteher its in a glass dome or hanging in your cubicle.
Zane Wylie Skulls:
Can be worn as a mask but was made to be displayed on another skull, hanging on a wall or ona stand.

If you plan on wearing it i would recommend wearing it over top of a black balaclava 
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